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Yunnan yuxi MuDe biotechnology co., ltd. is a focus to the study of Chinese herbal medicine biotechnology applications,As well as to the“Medicine food homology”Ecological health products research and development and spread of high-tech enterprises。The independent brand“DE elements”Has applied for registration in state administration for industry and commerce。

MuDe biological inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine culture、Concept of traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health,Use《The Canon of the yellow emperor》In the:“Food on an empty stomach for food,Food for patients with drugs”The classic of Chinese medicine theory is given priority to with medicine medicinal edible,The traditional……

Elements of product research and development,Is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory,Attaches great importance to the formulation of collocation,Your fine more expensive to fill,Pay attention to the health care effect of main materials,Carefully study each ratio of raw materials,And strictly treat product processing technology,Make the products of raw materials to protect the effective components in processing process。

Black truffle composite filmsTM

Yellow black truffle kidney Yang and regulating endocrine effect is remarkable,There is also strong heart、Fatigue resistance、The role of anti-aging and tumor,Can prevent alzheimer's disease、Hardening of the arteries, etc。Has a very high value of nutrition care。

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 The card powderTM

Maca can quickly replenish physical eliminate fatigue,Restore energy,More of a few associates drug inspection read fast strength enhancer。

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Yunnan yellow fine powderTM

Huang jing is very important in traditional Chinese medicine Chinese herbal medicine,The tonic effect is remarkable,Focuses on the spleen、Kidney and lung,The smell of food,Flat。In the spleen、The lungs、Kidney meridian。

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Yellow fine composite sheetTM

Fatigue resistance,Anti-aging,Enhance immunity,Antitumor,The blood sugar、Is regulating blood lipid and blood pressure,Curing cardiovascular,White can also be used to weigh, early。

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