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Beijing djperson extended remix german-american technology development co., LTD. The main agent in ItalyIPC、Focus(LAVOR)、ITM、AR、PA、German emperor(WEIDNER)、Germany(KARCHER)Such as Europe**Manufacturers of cleaning equipment,Widely used in railway、The civil aviation、Metallurgy、The oil、Petrochemical industry、A car、Paper making、Food、Concrete mixing station and troops and other industries。Products including hot and cold water high pressure cleaner、High pressure cleaner、Ultrahigh pressure washer、Steam cleaner、Industrial vacuum suction machine、Industrial washing machine、Sweep the floor machine, etc,Is an effective cleaning cleaning of the industry**Industrial products。

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The use of high pressure water pipeline dredging machine is introduced2017-06-10

Mobile sewer cleaning machine used to dredge、Removal of the pipeline plugging silting and dirt。It is driven by motor or gasoline engine drive high-pressure pump operation,Using high pressure water jet in the propulsion force produced by nozzle on dredge pipe。When the nozzle to the pipe,Force after high pressure water cleaning the wall and take sundry into the tube,In order to reach the purpose of cleaning pipe。High pressure water pipe dredging machine is indispensable for modern cleaning equipment。Especially suitable for city、Urban management、Clean sanitation department、Dredge municipal pipeline。 1.Indoor and outdoor sewage pipe main:Can completely solve all sorts of reasons cause the bottom of the sewers, return water,From your plane in tube cost big trouble。After cleaning effect can be achieved95%The above。Also use this kind of equipment for outdoor pipes。

【To check the details】
What are the plumbing of purposes
The is used for dedicated to unclog the pipes,Blockage of the use of the machine。The use of the pipeline dredging machine:1,Connecting hose,Screw on pipe with diameter drill bit。2,Bit on the nozzle,Remained stable。3,Turn on the switch,Spud。Pipeline dredging machine is equipped with a suitable for all kinds of wall
What is electric pipeline dredge machine principle
  Electric pipeline dredging machine is commonly used in home water pipe dredge,Can have a camber principle by rotating the elastic steel wire transfer into the blocked the plumbing,The blockage,Such things as hair out。     Pipeline dredging machine principle,
The analysis of the effect of high pressure cleaner nozzle for its efficiency
The analysis of the effect of high pressure cleaner nozzle for its efficiency  High pressure cleaner of the main machinery is high pressure pump,And the main characteristic parameters of high pressure pump is high water pressure and flow rate。Nozzle is a high-pressure pump flow pressure can become a blow hard scale and the pipe blockage
The importance of high pressure cleaner in cleaning industry
The importance of high pressure cleaner in cleaning industry  High pressure cleaner currently on the market can be divided into cold water high pressure cleaner、Hot water high pressure cleaner、Motor driven high pressure cleaner、Petrol driven high pressure cleaner, etc。Mainly treats the advantages of pressure size to choose。Apply to stone
Pipeline dredging machine USES
1.Indoor and outdoor sewage pipe main:It can thoroughly solve various causes of electric type pipeline dredging machine  The underlying sewer return water,From your plane in tube cost big trouble。After cleaning effect can be achieved95%The above。This kind of equipment for outdoor pipe &n
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